The Motherhood Collaborative

The Motherhood Collaborative

The Motherhood Collaborative is an event that puts Mom in the spotlight! We know (from experience) motherhood comes with many challenges and expectations. So we want to talk about those challenges, with an expert, and discuss how they affect Mom’s mental health.

What To Expect

The night will start with brief introductions by our founders, Nicole Van Hessen and Kimberlee Ward Anthony. Our expert guest will then take the floor and discuss the specific topic of the evening. Her/Him will give expert advice, discuss common issues related to the topic, and share personal experience. Kimberlee and Nicole will guide the conversation and open it up to any questions from attendees. This is a collaborative event, so our goal is to create a safe space for moms to share their experience and gain advice from everyone in the room. We hope to create a community of moms who build each other up without judgement.


Why Attend?

We know how hard it is to be a Mom and put everyone before you. We also know there are very few resources related to our children from the Mother’s perspective. We believe Moms deserve a safe space to be in conversation about the many challenges we face on a daily basis. Our event is meant to build mothers up relating to our specific topic, with the help from an expert and the community of women attending each event.

Interested in partnering with us for this event? Email for more information.

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