Mom to Mom (peer support group)

Peer Support Groups

Our peer support groups will run weekly, for one hour, with up to 10 members (including founders, Nicole and Kimberlee). The purpose of the group is to provide support and education to mothers on issues related to motherhood. Examples of discussion topics include:
– Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADS)
– Loss of sense of self
– Relationship with partners
– Self-care
– Breastfeeding challenges
– Mindfulness
And more!
The support group will incorporate open discussion, helpful resources, and mindfulness based practices.

Mom to Mom peer support groups are a safe, confidential space for moms to share about their experience in motherhood. The groups will be facilitated by the founders of Mom to Mom, Kimberlee Ward Anthony and Nicole Van Hessen. Examples of attendees might include: women finding their transition to motherhood to be harder than expected, women in search of a ‘mom tribe’, moms-to-be, women who attend therapy due to symptoms of PMADs and are looking for additional support, or mom’s hoping to increase self-care. Please note this is a support group and not intended to be a replacement for therapy. Women experiencing symptoms of psychosis are not appropriate for this group.

 **Non-walking babies are welcome, if needed. We do encourage attendance without your little ones, as this will allow you to get the most out of the group, though we understand childcare limitations. Please let us know if you’ll be bringing your babies!**

Nicole is a NJ Licensed Clinical Social Worker and brings her experience running groups in multiple mental health programs, most recently a women’s trauma program at Princeton House. She enters into the group as a peer.
Kimberlee is a Postpartum Depression survivor & advocate. She is currently scheduled to attend The Bloom Foundation’s Peer-to-Peer Support Group Training.
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