Why join a mom support group?

Motherhood is an amazing, overwhelming, and challenging experience. It is life changing, and can bring about both positive and negative emotions. We think it’s important to find your tribe of women, who are going through it too, understand how hard it can be, and don’t want to judge you for your feelings.

Who is the Mom to Mom support group for?

Our Mom to Mom support group is for mothers of all walks of life. We believe everyone has something to bring to the table, and we can all grow by learning from one another. You do not have to be pregnant, or have an infant to attend our group. We understand support for mothers following the infant stage becomes slim, and we plan to fill that void.

What are the benefits of this support group?

Helping moms make connections and obtain resources were our biggest goals when we started Mom to Mom. We both felt lost when we entered motherhood, and we hope to reduce that experience for our members, by offering information, emotional support, and fostering friendships. We also think there’s benefits to getting out of the house and devoting time to yourself.

Can I bring my child with me to the support group?

Non-walking babies are welcome, if needed. We do encourage attendance without your little ones, as this will allow you to get the most out of the group, though we understand childcare limitations. Please contact us prior to attendance if your child will be present.

Why would I benefit from a support group if my child is over 1?

Even after the first year, you might be feeling overwhelmed and alone as a mom. If you think connecting with other moms would help you manage daily challenges and emotions, the support group might be for you.

If I haven’t experienced a PMAD but I’m currently struggling with my transition to motherhood, can I still attend the group?

Our group is open to every motherhood experience. At this time we will be covering a range of topics related to motherhood. As we grow we hope to offer specified groups for Mothers who have experienced a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder, pregnant mothers, moms of multiples, etc.

Why pay for a support group?

We know finances can be a stress for many of us. We understand that it’s hard to justify spending money on things, especially things for ourselves. The support group currently requires a fee as there are costs involved in us running this group, including the cost of the space. We hope to offer the support group as part of a membership as The Mom to Mom Collaborative grows.