Potty Training 101 with Miss Catherine Consulting

Throughout a child’s early life there are lots of firsts, the first tooth, first time they walked, first word the list goes on. Once we as parents feel like we have had all the first moments, all the troubles and trials….it is then time to Potty Train.

Many families feel daunted by the task of Potty Training. There are so many methods, so many tools, so many gadgets but what ones are the best and what will work best for your child and your family. Here at Miss Catherine Consulting, we pride ourselves in many this process a very individualized approach, because no child is the same! The biggest question you need to ask yourself before you begin Potty Training is are you ALL ready! Here are three areas to focus on before you take the “plunge” into Potty Training your little one!

  1. Potty Readiness:

Every child has different developmental milestones, Potty Training is one of them. So do not compare yourself to other families, when you child is ready then that is their time!. There are three areas you want to observe before you start to train. First, their diaper, are they dry for more than a 2 hour stretch or are they waking up from naps more dry than not. Their bowel movements are another area you want to monitor. You want their bowel movements to be on a somewhat consistent schedule, whether it be every morning, every other day. You want to know exactly what that schedule is. The last piece of potty readiness is body awareness. Is your child aware of their body parts and able to name them? Does your child announce if they need to go potty or went potty? Are they able to undress themselves ( pull their pants up and down on their own)? All of these indicate they are aware of their body and actions and are able to successfully potty train!

  1. Mindset:

This is not just a change for your toddler but it is a change for your entire family and caregivers. You need to make sure everyone is of the same mindset and ready to do this together. Being Potty Trained is a huge deal, so start to notice other “grown up” things your toddler does and praise them as well. Drinking from a big cup, dressing themselves, following 1-2 step directions. You also want to make sure you have created an environment for success. Gather all the tools, supplies that you will need for potty training and check your calendar. Trying to change such a major part of your child’s day is a lot at once. Do not plan to train during another time of change ( school starting, new baby) and make sure you have at least 2 weeks at home- no vacations or major life events planned. 

  1. Foundation:

  When you start this journey you need to literally take it one hour at a time. Do not set yourself up for unrealistic expectations. The way you first introduce Potty Training will forever be your basis. Make it a fun, exciting time and not a stressful one! You are teaching a behavior, the best way to do that is reward it. Make sure you have developed a reward system for the potty that makes your child feel like they have instant success. Start your rewards small and then grow them as the behavior improves. For example: One sticker for sitting on the potty, but once your child is sitting then expand the reward to one sticker for sitting and one sticker for going on the potty.  Let your child set the pace, take their lead. Any Potty routine you use, make sure then end result leads to the potty. An established routine creates consistency. This is a key to successfully potty training. 

Remember, if you do not succeed do not worry. It is extremely important to always be “PC” 

-Positive and Consistent”, if you maintain that everything else will fall into place. Remember, we all did it and most adults walk around potty trained so it will happen!

Miss Catherine offers families support in multiple areas of childhood development, including potty training and sleep. To learn more about her and her services visit her website –> Miss Catherine Consulting

Author: The Mom to Mom Collaborative LLC

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